Nail Stamping Guide: Your Most-Asked Questions Answered

Nail Stamping Guide: Your Most-Asked Questions Answered

Every day, we get a lot of questions from our customers who are just starting out with nail stamping. From nail stamper cleaning to stamping tricks and techniques, we’ve probably been asked the same questions over and over again. There’s not a lot of nail stamping resources available online, so we’ve compiled all your commonly asked questions and created this guide to help you with your newfound hobby.



Nail Stampers 101


A lot of our customers have been raving about our Clear Jelly Stampers and it’s quite easy to see why. Clear stampers took all the guesswork out of the picture, making the nail stamping process faster and a whole lot easier. Whether you’re new to nail stamping or making the big switch from non-transparent stampers, here are some of the things that you need to know about this revolutionary nail stamping tool.


Do I need to prime my Clear Jelly Stamper?


Your Clear Jelly Stamper should work straight out of the packaging. But if it’s not working the way it’s supposed to, you can wash your stamper under the tap with some dish soap and allow it to air dry before replacing it back into your stamper. Using acetone on your jelly head can damage and cloud your stamper.


 How do I clean my Clear Jelly Stamper?


You can use our Sticky Pads or a lint roller to clean your stamper head. You can also wash it with dish soap and water from time to time to get rid of stubborn dirt and oil build-up.


Will my Clear Jelly head last forever?


Clear Jelly heads are very delicate, so you might have to replace them every so often especially if you’re not careful in handling them.


How do I store my Clear Jelly Stamper?


You can store your stamper in its original packaging with the lid on to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the jelly head. Keep it away from direct light sources to avoid the head from getting discoloured.





Stamping Tips and Techniques


Picking up and transferring designs from stamping plates can be a little tricky, especially if you’re just starting out. It can be quite complicated to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can do more intricate and elaborate designs with ease.


How do I pick up fine images with my Clear Jelly Stamper and plates?


When you are transferring the image to your nail, make sure to press and hold the stamper for several seconds before gently lifting it off. Here's a helpful demonstration:


How do I transfer large images from my plates to my stamper?


The trick to transferring large images is to do a quick and very light touch roll over the design to pick up the polish. Pooling the polish over the design and scraping it gently at a 45-degree angle also helps achieve a more even application. Please see the following tutorial for more info:


How do I align my layered stamps?


It’s highly recommended to start with the image outline first, as this will serve as your guide to where the other design elements should be placed. Our stamping plates work perfectly with our Clear Jelly Stampers, so there should be no problem with aligning your designs accurately. Check out the following tutorial for more info:

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