Bespoke Nails - Sample Sizing Kit

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If you're not sure what size to order, then this is the listing for you! You will receive one of each size available in your choice of length and shape. Depending on the shape this will be between 10 and 12 nails in sizes varying from 0-11. Try every size in person and accurately size your nails in your shape of choice. Use the sample tips to find the right size for each nail, then note them down and enter them in the note to seller section during checkout. Enter them from thumb to pinky, left to right

**Please note that sizes are not uniform across each nail shape – a 15mm nail might fit a size 3 in a short coffin but a size 2 in a long coffin. Also the C and D curves of each shape vary so it's wise to order all of the shapes that you're interesting in using so you can get a true idea of size.