KoKo & Claire Chrome Palette Bundle (3+4) - Free dust brush!

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Chrome Palette #3 + #4 Bundle

Purchase both Palettes and receive the NEW Chrome Dust Brush FREE!

Introducing Pressed Chrome Pigment Palettes - Beautiful new pigments pressed into a convenient, pretty palette. 

Palette #3- Beautifully Bold! Pigments include: Bold Green, Cobalt Blue, Classic Red, Rich Raspberry, Soft Violet and Deep Purple.

Palette #4 - Soft and Subtle! Pigments include: Light Gold, Champagne, Sage Green, Soft Sky Blue and 2 Shades of Silver!


Easy to Use:  Apply an even, generous coat of Shine and cure 30-45sec. Gently swirl applicator to pick up the chrome pigment and rub onto the nail with firm pressure.

For a more subtle effect,  use our new Chrome brush to pick up pigment and brush onto nail.


NOTE: Be very gentle when picking up pigments with applicators or brushes, too much pressure will crush the pigment block.